In this section you will find information on current expert contributions from the publications of our working group.

Current articles


Alternative dosimetry approach based on DNA damage

In this publication, Martin Blank und Reba Goodman (Columbia University, New York) propose a biologically based measure of EMF radiation for measuring the dose and setting the safety standards. This could replace the so far used...


Study finds indication of effects on neurodevelopment and behavior in mice after in utero cell phone exposure

Researchers at the Yale University, New Haven, USA, investigated the offspring of 39 pregnant mice that had been exposed to the electromagnetic field of a commercial mobile phone (800-1900 MHz, SAR according to manufacturer’s...


Is the incidence of Glioma in the Nordic countries compatible with epidemiologic study results on mobile phone use?

The background of the present analysis were some case-control studies reporting increased risks of glioma associated with mobile phone use (glioma = mostly malignant brain tumor). If true, this risk would ultimately affect the...


Changed protein content in mouse brain cells after long-term exposure to mobile phone or wireless DECT base radiation

Greek researchers exposed two groups of albino laboratory mice (6 animals per group) to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from a "typical mobile phone" (specific absorption rate, SAR: 0.17 - 0.37 W/kg, 3 hours per day) or from the...


Brazilian case-control study: Indications of increased risk of adult leukemia near overhead transmission lines and in homes with a higher magnetic field exposure

This investigation, conducted by a Brazilian research team in collaboration with the renowned epidemiologist Leeka Kheifets (USA), is based on death certificates of a total of 4,581 adults (40 years-old or older) who had died in...