Discussion on the effects of electromagnetic fields

The ongoing debate on the potential effects of electromagnetic fields on human beings and the environment is taking place in the divergent context of findings which are based on more or less scientifically valid research at the one end of the spectrum and media reports and the political and public debate at the other. Faced with alarming research results or critical comments as well as with positive reports, it is difficult or virtually impossible for outsiders to make a realistic assessment of the risk potential. Even the experts are often at odds when it comes to interpreting the scientific findings. In most cases, scientific studies which appear to demonstrate an increased risk from electromagnetic fields are highly controversial.

Our intention is to present the full diversity of views on high-profile scientific issues which play a prominent role in the public debate on EMF risk potential. We hope to counteract the unfortunate tendency to present the issues and findings in a one-sided manner. You will find articles, reasoned arguments, summaries and recommendations published by highly respected scientific and public bodies or by ourselves. The information presented is based on solid, in-depth research. Some of the material straddles the border between recognized science and research that lies somewhat beyond the realm of established methodologies.