Expert Assessement

A large number of national and international commissions and expert committees evaluate, on a regular basis, the status of the research in the area of electromagnetic fields and their possible effects on humans and on the environment, and publish summary reports and recommendations. In addition there are studies or expert opinions with the same intent, established by individual experts or by smaller expert groups.

The most well known are the "International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection" (ICNIRP) (at international level) and the “Radiation Protection Commission” (in Germany). An international expert group with the name “Bioinitiative” came up as a critical voice since the year 2007.

The evaluation of the research status and the deducible connected potential risks to human beings and to the environment, takes place on the basis of different evaluation principles established in every committee. The procedures leading to the gain in knowledge, and which lead to a conclusion within different theme domains, are different. For the majority of the states, the establishment of the radiation protection limits is subject to the recommendations of such commissions; however, it is not uniformly based on the same commission. This means that different expert committees arrive at different results in the evaluation of the current research status and related risks / non-risks. Accordingly, the established safety limits are sovereign regulations within national borders; there they constitute, in part, an ongoing discussion topic.