Besides the content available on this website, we provide public information in other formats free of charge:

  • The EMF Brief newsletter keeps you up to date with current research, scientific reviews, social and legal issues and engineering developments and provides information on upcoming events.

  • The professional journal EMF Spectrum contains current and international articles written by the experts as well as background information. EMF Spectrum is available as a PDF file or print version.

  • Other publications such as talks, poster presentations and contributions by the working group at conferences.

In an internal area, we offer our customers access to an information centre which is updated daily. The centre provides news and further in-depth information on EMF issues.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services. We systematically collect information and enter it into a knowledge base relating to the effects of electromagnetic fields. Based on this information, we offer expertise and scientific advice to all interested parties who are actively involved in the technology. We organize workshops and information sharing events and conduct studies on risk communication.