Analytical Cost Model for the Subscriber Access Network – Consultation document

On May 2nd the German Federal Network Agency published the consultation draft for the enhanced analytical access network cost model. The reference document is published as a consultation draft on the website of the Federal Network Agency accompanied by a document addressing questions to the market participants. The Federal Network Agency appeals for public consultation of the draft until June 6th 2018 and offers an information event on May 15th 2018 in Bonn where the cost model will be presented.

The Access Network Cost Model is in use since 1998 supporting the decision-making process of the determination of access tariffs. Particularly, it is being used for the determination of investment values of a nationwide efficient access network. It is directly being applied for the wholesale product of the subscriber line, the cabinet subscriber line, for the access to conduits, and for the access to dark fibre. Moreover, the model’s results are being taken into account in the price-finding process of upstream products of the access lines such as the cabinet alternative product, bitstream products and leased lines.

In accordance with the European Commission’s Recommendation "on consistent non-discrimination obligations and costing methodologies to promote competition and enhance the broadband investment environment" the enhancement of the cost model to version 3.0 shall enable the modelling of communications networks that are partly or completely based on fibre (NGA).

The document (in German language) is available for download.

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