Call-by-Call und Preselection in Deutschland

In its comments from 14 December 2016 on the market analysis of market 2 (of the 2007 recommendation on markets susceptible to ex-ante regulation) the European Commission has asked BNetzA to closely monitor the market and to carry out a new review prior to the (standard) review period of three years, if deemed necessary.

In this context, the VATM has commissioned WIK-Consult to reflect the market development and to analyse the necessity of a maintenance of the existing wholesale regulation for the provision of call-by-call and preselection. WIK-Consult concludes that the current market situation and the forecast on the market development for the next three years do not justify a new review prior to the standard review period as suggested by the Commission. These arguments are relevant for the pending analysis of market 1 of the 2007 recommendation by the BNetzA as well.

The study (in German language) is available for download.

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